Pharmacist Interaction

Young woman pharmacist at pharmacy

When most people think about their Pharmacist Interaction, they think about the minute or two they spend after getting their medication. For many patients, that may be the only time you talk with your pharmacist.

At MediPharm Pharmacy, we understand that some patient populations require more face-to-face time. As a specialty pharmacy that focuses on behavioral health, we dedicate time and resources to meeting with patients all over Hawaii. Our staff schedules visits with patients that require injections, need to have their medications checked or to audit a patient’s history. We take the time to review lab results before dispensing medications, for example checking the CBC with diff levels for patients on Clozapine and recording the results in the Clozapine registry.

A closeup shot of various pharmaceuticals in a container for medications on a white backgroundThese services help bridge a gap created by COVID and the increase of tele-psychology / tele-med services, by ensuring needed medications are administered on time. These simple interactions improve medication adherence, promote healthy habits and provide a necessary wellness check for patients that have providers they only see via tele-conference.

Additionally, pharmacists can perform many services that were previously only done in a medical office. Getting injections or learning more about treating and managing an illness (like diabetes) at your pharmacy can help save you the time of scheduling an appointment at your primary care office.  While your pharmacist can’t treat emergency situations or replace regular doctors visit, they can help reduce the number of visits you need to make each year.