Common Questions

Because MediPharm Pharmacy specializes in behavioral health, we often get questions about the services we provide. Let us take a few minutes to answer some common questions about our services and how they help our patients & their providers.

Medication Management:
Because we work specifically with behavioral health medications, we have extensive knowledge of each drug, its effects, side-effect and interactions. This allows our pharmacists to assist providers in finding the right medication to fit each patient.

Additionally, we take the time to bubble pack medications for our patients, to ensure they are taking the prescribed doses at the right time each day. Additionally, we can send packs weekly, in order to update prescriptions or to limit loss.


Common Questions
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Many of our patients are on long-acting injectable medications that require weekly or bi-weekly doses. With the current pandemic and increase in the use of tele-psych, many patients are unable to get to a practitioner’s office for their injections. MediPharm provides a mobile pharmacist service that can send a licensed and registered pharmacist to a patient’s house, with the medication and provide the service for the patient and practitioner.  This saves everyone time and provided excellent patient care.

Medication delivery:
We offer several options for our customers when it’s time for new prescriptions or refills. We can call the customer when the bubble packs are ready for self-pickup, Additional we also offer free delivery via currier or next day mail if a patient cannot come to the pharmacy.