Fighting Depression

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Another aspect of behavioral health that MediPharm Pharmacy specializes in is medication-assisted treatments for addiction disorders. We recognize that as a disorder, addiction recovery requires long term care and treatment. Our goal is to work with the practitioner or rehabilitation facility to ease the detox process and help patients achieve a stable and sober life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment
Photo by Lalesh Aldarwis

One of the long-term approaches to managing opioid addiction disorder is the administration of suboxone or methadone. We carry both of these medications and because they too have a potential for abuse, we carefully supervise and monitor the dosage and refills for these patients. With the correct medications and medical supervision patients can focus on rehabilitation and avoid a relapse.

Other types of addictions also require different medications and medical care. For instance, although benzodiazepines have similar properties to opioids, the care is much different. A patient cannot simply “quit” these drugs, but must be weaned off them slowly, because rapid withdrawal can cause hallucinations, delirium, and other intense symptoms.

Finally, we understand that, often with these addictions’ patients may have other underlying conditions, either physical or psychological. As a specialist in behavioral health, we understand these conditions and are prepared to assist. We can provide medication management, administer injections, and consult with the practitioner on various therapies.