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Mental Health Month

As we come to the end of May, and the end of what is recognized as Mental Health Month, Medipharm Pharmacy encourages you to take the time to reflect on the month. The COVID pandemic caused a huge shift in people’s lives when they suddenly found themselves isolated. Working from home and staying in to avoid crowded spaces has taken a toll on everyone.

Now that restrictions are relaxing and the number of people getting the vaccine is increasin g, are you still having trouble getting out? Do you worry about being in crowded areas or feel “naked” without your mask in public? These feelings are normal, but you should take the time to decompress from the lockdowns.

For decades, Medipharm Pharmacy has worked to serve the behavioral health community of Hawaii with dignity and assistance when they need it most. During the pandemic, we saw drastic changes to how behavioral health services were provided. These changes drive the products and services we provide. It is the reason we developed our mobile pharmacy program.

We are much more than your typical pharmacy. We engage with our patients on a personal level by delivering medications, administering injections, and helping them manage their medications. These interaction help ensure that patients are getting the treatments they need and provide them an additional level of information and service.