Photo by Vera Arsic.

Managing Schizophrenia

MediPharm Pharmacies has been a supporter of mental health awareness and treatment for decades. We have worked with thousands of patients over the years, helping them manage their behavioral health. In that time, we have taken extra precautions to help patients manage the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Photo by BeatrizMany misconceptions still surround this disorder and often make treating it difficult for patients, family members and practitioners. There are some studies that indicate schizophrenia may be a genetic condition passed from generation to generation, but anyone can develop schizophrenia. Most often the symptoms develop in patients younger than thirty and older than fifteen, but those criteria are only a general guideline.

Only a qualified medical practitioner, specializing in psychology, can make a definitive diagnosis. Patients often suffer from hallucinations or delusions that result in erratic behavior, incoherent speech, agitation, or catatonia. During an episode, they may require emergency treatment, but mental and physical. While it is believed that only 1% of people in the United States are affected by this disorder, it disproportionately stresses the medical and mental health systems.

Once diagnosed with the disorder, the patient and their family need to work closely with the care team to manage symptoms. One recurring tragedy of this disorder is that often, treatment is successful for several months then the patient decides they have been cured and stop treatment. This can result in a rapid regression back into their symptoms and delusions.

At MediPharm, we use our mobile pharmacist to help ensure these patients receive their medications on time. Often, we take it a step further, coordinating care with the family, medical practitioner and case managers as needed. We can check to ensure that the prescribed medications are being taken as directed, provide instruction and information on medication.