Fighting Depression

Fighting Depression

At MediPharm Pharmacy, we recognize that anyone can have a brief period of depression; loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship or even a job. Most of the time we can work thought these times with the help and support of family or friends.  Fighting depression is not something we should try to do alone.

Fighting Depression
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Other times though, you or someone you know, will have a longer or deeper depression. Some of the symptoms are easy to spot, like crying, lack of sleep or loss of interest in things. Others are harder to spot like feeling of sadness or hopelessness. You must engage with that person and understand their feelings, not easy to do.

In cases of deep depression, people should seek medical help. The practitioner can diagnose the symptoms and prescribe a course of treatment, including medication, therapy or both. Depression like this can be dangerous of life threatening.

Other cases of depression can be seasonal or situational. Seasonal depression usually occurs during the shorter, colder days of winter. Much like the ongoing pandemic, people withdraw from society, sleep more and gain weight. Once spring rolls around, the symptoms tend to improve, and life returns to normal.

Situational depression is an event focused form of depression caused by loss, grief or high stress situations. This form of depression can slip into a major depressive episode, so be alert to the signs and when in doubt call the National Crisis Line – 1-800-273-8255.

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