Pharmacist Needed

Medipharm Pharmacy is looking to expand! We are currently looking for a pharmacist to work at one of our Behavioral Healthcare facilities. As the pharmacist in charge, you dispense medications, including intramuscular injections, and work closely with patients, prescribers, and case managers to confirm compliance with medication therapies and that drugs are reaching patients, many of whom are homeless.

Medication Adherence

This is great news for our customers, because it will increase our ability to serve patients on Oahu. Our pharmacists and administrators will deliver your specialty medications to your door, answer any questions you may have and administer the injection in your home. We will stay with the you after the injections have been given to watch for adverse reactions and record that information in your chart. We will even work with you to schedule your next appointment at that time.

The time and care we put into our customers wellbeing are part of our core beliefs. Not only does mental health matter, but we also believe in providing treatment to our patients as if they were our own family. We understand the issues individuals and family have receiving the care they need.

If you are interested in applying for the open pharmacist position, please review our Craigslist advertisement for details.