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Returning to Work

As we start to return to our new normal and prepare to work back at the office instead of at home, it is easy to get anxious and worried. When returning to work, you may feel like you are losing the flexibility and comforts to which you have become accustomed. MediPharm has a few tips to help you get back into the routine.

Returning to workFirst, try to get back into the “routine” of the office. Get up on time, even if you don’t have to make the commute, and get dressed for the office. Treat your home office, like your company office for a few days, give yourself time to ease out of house mode. Make sure you have your office keys, badges or other office items you will need.

The next tip is to prepare for your commute. Double check the bus route and make sure you give yourself plenty of time. If you are driving, check your route with Google Maps, to see if there are any construction sites or other obstructions. Leave early, so you have extra time to decompress from the trip before you go into the office.

Plan to stay safe at work. Even though the COVID restrictions are easing up, you still want to ensure your safety. Bring hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and an extra face mask to keep in your desk. Follow the safety guidelines you have learned over the last year, wash your hands, sanitize your workspace and maintain social distance when possible.

Lastly, remember to just be kind to yourself and your coworkers. You are not the only one clearing the rust off your work and social skills! Give yourself and the ones around you the benefit of the doubt, because, even when everyone is putting out their best effort, mistakes are bound to happen. Patients and kindness will go a long way towards rebuilding a strong office team.